Whither national security Bangladesh 2007

Whither national security Bangladesh 2007
Title : Whither national security Bangladesh 2007
Author : Mufleh R. OSMANY
Type : Book
Publisher : UPL - 2008
  • Bangladesh - Secuirty-National

  • Bangladesh - Security-Non-traditional

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Bibliography : The security infrastructure in Bangladesh is more... ...

Bibliography : The security infrastructure in Bangladesh is more a product of default rather than design. Adhoc and piecemeal responses of the government come about from time to time, following persistent media outcry and pervasive civil society criticism relation to specific issues or breaches and events. It is, thus, natural to surmise that no comprehensive national Security Policy exists in Bangladesh. Primacy of holistic security in the development process is now widely recognized. Socio-cultural progress and economic development cannot take sustainable strides without acceptable levels of security measures in place. The momentous changes in technology and ever shifting basic parameters of political and socio-economic environment-both nationally and internationally-need to be taken into account in designing a holistic national security architecture. References to conceptual aspects of security are included in this study to put the empirical research into a necessary theoretical context. It is not easy to capture the entire range of security challenges encountered by the nation today in a brief work of this nature. Many more issue specific research and studies will have to be carries out to bring the national policies to face the security threats and challenges definitively. The present volume seeks to draw attention to the neglected areas of research which are vital for national interest.