Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies (BIISS)


Title Author Subject Articles Year
NDC Journal Md HASAN UZ ZAMAN Civil-military relations Civil-military relations : image building strategy for Bangladesh armed forces 2015
NDC Journal Kamal AKBAR Bangladesh - Climate change Climate change and Bangladesh : role of military in pursuing non-military security interests 2015
NDC Journal Shamsul Quazi ISLAM South Asia - Regionalism Sub regional cooperation eithin SAARC countries for sustainable peace and economic development 2016
NDC Journal Muhammad QUAMRUZZAMAN Bangladesh - Women Violence against under privileged women and children and institutional responses in Bangladesh 2016
NDC Journal Md Israt HOSSAIN South Asia - Security Remodeling South Asian regional security : an alternative security architecture 2016
NDC Journal S M FERDOUS Bangladesh - Human resources Human resources development in Bangladesh : challenges and remedies 2016
NDC Journal Md Mefta ul KARIM Bangladesh - Terrorism Socio-cultural heritage of Bangladesh and its impact on religious extremism 2016
NDC Journal Syed Ariful ISLAM Bangladesh - Marine resources Strategy for exploitation and management of marine fisheries resources in Bangladesh 2016
NDC Journal Md. Mostaque HASSAN Bangladesh - Local government Role and challenges of local government institution in promote micro and small enterprises at Upazila level 2016
NDC Journal J S SANDHU International relations - America-Asia-India US pivot to Asia : implications for India 2016
NDC Journal Musa Rilwan BALARABE Bangladesh - Human security Agriculture and employment generation in Bangladesh : implications for human security 2016
NDC Journal Md Shazzad HOSSAIN Bangladesh - CHT Settlement of land dispute : a prerequisite for enduring peace in the Chittagong Hill Tracts 2016
NDC Journal Md Mahbubul HAQUE International relations - Bangladesh-UN The UN procurement from developing countries : prospects and challenges for Bangladesh 2016
NDC Journal Md Sanuwar UddinAbdul Quayyum MollahMd Tajul Islam ThakurMohammad Nazmul HassanDheerendra Singh KushwahMohammed Idris AbdulkadirMd. Monowarul Islam SarderMuhammad Ali Talukder Bangladesh - Energy security, Bangladesh - Women, Bangladesh - Security, Bangladesh - Energy policy, India - International relations, Bangladesh - CHT, International relations - Bangladesh-Myanmar, Bangladesh - SDG Technical management of municipal solid waste as a means of energy security for Bangladesh, Domestic violence against women in Bangladesh : selected case studies of Dhaka city, Urban crime in Bangladesh : implications for non traditional security threat in selected slums in Dhaka city, Energy connectivity with neighbouring countries : challenges and opportunities for Bangladesh, Developing sinews of India's act east policy on triangular pivot of Bangladesh, Myanmar and India's North East region (NER), Holistic approach to tourism development and destination image of Chittagong Hill Tracts, Revamping Bangladesh - Myanmar relation : challenges and opportunities in eonomic and military domain, Role of Bangladesh army in achieving sustainable development goal 4 2018
NDC Journal Hasan Md ShamsuddinM Sharif Uddin BhuiyanInderpal Singh WaliaSyed Imran Raza NaqviNizam Uddin AhmedK M Emon Rashid International relations - Bangladesh-Myanmar, Bangladesh - Blue economy, International relations - India-Japan, International relations - Bangladesh-Southeast Asia, Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy Strengthening Bangladesh-Myanmar relations : a focus on economic issues and connectivity, Prospects and challenges of deep sea fishing in the Bay of Bengal : options for Bangladesh, India's relations with an increasingly assertive Japan and likely implications on India's security policies, Sino-US competition in South East Asia : opportunities and challenges for Bangladesh, Emergency of artificial intelligence in future warfare : preparedness of Bangladesh armed forces, One stop hardware acquisition trend in Bangladesh Navy : challenges and ways forward 2020
NDC Journal N Mohammad MUSA Bangladesh - Maritime security Challenges to maritime security and role of the policy makers : options for Bangladesh 2009
NIDS Journal of Defence and Security Masayuki MASUDA China - Peacekeeping diplomacy China's peacekeeping diplomacy and troop dispatch : A new avenue for ... ... ... 2011
NIDS Journal of Defence and Security Michito TSURUOKA International relations - Europe-Japan Japan-Europe security cooperation : how to use NATO and the EU 2011
NIDS Journal of Defense and Security Tomotaka SHOJI South China Sea Vietnam, ASEAN, and the South China sea : unity or diversness? 2012
NIDS Journal of Defense and Security Sukeyuki ICHIMASA Nuclear issue The concept of virtual nuclear arsenals and " a world without nuclear weapons" 2012
NIDS Journal of Defense and Security Hikaru YAMASHITA Peacekeeping Peacekeeping capacity-building assistance : the role of the group of eight (G8) 2012
NIDS Journal of Defense and Security Ken OHNISHI East Timor - Peacekeeping Coercive diplomacy and peace operations : intervention in East Timor 2012
NIDS Journal of Defense and Security Sukeyuki et al. ICHIMASA Nuclear issue - WMD WMD non-proliferation and CBRN defebse 2014
NIDS Journal of Defense and Security Taksshi YONEYAMA Japan - Defence The establishment of the ROK armed forces and the Japan self -defense forces and the activitiies of the U.S. military advisory groups to the ROK and Japan 2014
NIDS Journal of Defense and Security Tomotaka SHOJI South China Sea The South China Sea : a view from Japan 2014